Back to School After Covid-19

The new normal. Getting back to school this year will be an exciting time. Restrictions during the pandemic were difficult for many students to maneuver. If you're a mortuary science student, or someone considering the program, you might wonder what school will look like this year.

At Pierce Mortuary Colleges, the programs were impacted, just like every other college or institution. We paid special attention to all of the mandates and recommendations to keep students safe, while still providing the best possible learning opportunities. Because Pierce's programs already offered online learning options, we were at an advantage. Our educators and students did not need to pivot to online learning without preparation.

Now that schools can resume in-person classes, our students will have the option of learning both ways, in person, or remotely.

What to expect this semester in funeral service education

For students in mortuary sciences, our online programs have provided an excellent way to obtain higher education while working full time. As we return to regular classes, here are some things that our students can expect:

  • Following Guidelines. At Pierce, we're following the standard guidelines set forth by the state, federal, and world health organizations. If things change, we'll make it a priority to protect our student's best health and educational needs.
  • Return to Classes. Everyone is excited about being able to return to classes. Whether you prefer online education or in-person classes, this gives you the option.
  • Hybrid Learning. Hybrid learning means that students take both online courses and in-person courses. This can be an amazing option for students who need a flexible schedule but would like some of their courses to be in person.
  • Back to Socializing. While we're still maintaining the recommended social distancing requirements, students this semester will be able to participate in the real-world activities that are part of college life.
  • Remote Learning. For many students, remote learning has proved to be an even better option than traditional learning. Online classes are still an option and one that many students find preferable.

Preparing for a new semester

This semester will be different in many ways. The past few years have been traumatic for a lot of people. You may have difficulty getting back in the swing of things or you may have legitimate concerns about health during this time. At Pierce, we're here to help our students. Our counselors are here to discuss any concerns you might have about resuming in-person classes.

We also find that many students are truly looking forward to resuming in-person learning. Social distancing has been difficult for many people, physically and emotionally. Students should go at their own pace and we're here to help you find the right balance for you. That might be in-person classes, a hybrid model, or completely remote.

Interested in pursuing your mortuary science degree?

If you're interested in pursuing your mortuary science degree, Pierce Mortuary Colleges have programs that will fit your budget and lifestyle. Many of our students pursue advanced degrees after they're already out in the field and come back for future learning opportunities to advance their skills and career.

Contact us today to learn more about our programs.