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September Blog

Student support services are (or should be) robust and welcoming in any higher education environment. College schedules are purposely rigorous. You need to be prepared for the work ahead and the completion of your degree is an achievement to be proud of. At Pierce Mortuary College, we want you to succeed. That means supporting your academic work.

Our student support services are in place to help you achieve your goals. This means offering you the tools to not only learn the skills you need to master for a fulfilling future, but also helping you navigate your current work/life/study balance.

Our Locations

Pierce Mortuary College includes several locations. For our students, that means that there are options to take in-person classes, as well as an online curriculum designed to meet your individual schedule and life situation.

Our schools:

In each of these locations, we offer Career Services as part of our student services offerings. These resources were specifically designed to help students fulfill their career goals and are available throughout your studies and even after you've graduated. We offer one-on-one advising, career workshops, career preparation, and even events to help you network.

Career Services

The purpose of Career Services is to help our students bridge the gap between college theory and applying what you've learned in a professional setting.

Some offerings include:

  • Workshops
  • Internship Planning Assistance
  • Preparation for Job Interviews
  • Support with Resume Writing
  • Career Planning
  • Networking Events

Student Services Through Our Colleges

There is a range of services designed to help every type of student meet the demands of their coursework while balancing their individual schedule. We realize that earning your degree is a large commitment. Students often work full or part-time while completing their degree program. Some students may be paying their tuition entirely out of pocket, while others may be working with scholarship and financial aid awards.

Because there are so many variables in a person's life that can impact their ability to succeed, our student services aim to help you navigate your personal life while balancing the responsibility of your studies. Here are some student services we offer and how they can help you meet your goals:

  • Services for New Students. Enrolling in college can be confusing. You need to choose the right program to help you reach your professional goals. You also may need to transfer credits and find resources to help you navigate the campus or your online courses. Our new student services are available to help answer questions and give you all of the resources you need in order to enroll and get acclimated.
  • Academic Student Services. We highly advise our students to take advantage of the academic services we offer. Academic services include student advisors, study groups, tutoring services, skills study workshops, and more. You're not just enrolled to earn a degree. You're enrolled to master the skills that will help you build an amazing career. Our services are here to help guide you on your path, making you the most well-rounded and confident professional when you enter your desired field.
  • Student Finances. The tuition and financial aid aspect of college admissions can sometimes get confusing. Our finance services are available to guide you through the process and help you make sure all of your financial aid and other documentation are complete. If you have questions about billing, when payments are due, or when your applications need to be filed, student finances can help. We also have a wealth of knowledge to help our military and veterans use their benefits and for those who have scholarships and may have questions.
  • Student Life. Our student life services are available to help you get the most out of the college experience. Participate in events, join clubs, and get involved in your college community.
  • IT Support. IT support is available to make sure that your online classes run smoothly and that any technical issues can be handled to aid in your learning.

At Pierce Mortuary College, we believe that the degree is only a small part of the reason that students enroll. Our student services are designed to help you get the most benefit from your education opportunity, to build a fulfilling and successful future.

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