Certificate Programs for Your Funeral Service Career

August 2020

A career in the funeral service industry is a calling. It's an important career path that puts you in a position to help people during the most intense moments of their lives. It also gives you the opportunity to take the lead in honoring those who have passed on.

If you're considering a career in this field, one exciting aspect of the profession is that there are always new ways to learn and grow. Many funeral service professionals enter the field while continuing their studies. They may use online learning options or part-time schooling options that allow them to work regular hours. This allows them real-world practice that coincides with their classroom coursework.

There are also new developments in the industry. Seasoned professionals often take coursework to develop new techniques, such as green funeral services. This allows you to meet the growing needs of your community and to find the best ways to honor the deceased.

If you're just starting your journey into the funeral service industry, you need to know the legal requirements for the state that you're in so that you can take the right coursework and follow the state guidelines for licensing. For instance, Indiana requires a bachelor's degree. A few short miles away in Kentucky, a Funeral Director Certificate is sufficient to enter the field professionally.

Certifications and Education to Develop Your Funeral Service Skills

In looking at education, there are a few reasons to choose a course of study. For most students, the certification program is specifically chosen to meet the requirements for the career path they are on. Some students prefer in-class courses. For other students, online learning options are optimal to advance their education while still meeting the personal and professional scheduling needs.

Here are a few of the things you should take into consideration when choosing your funeral service course of study:

  • Certification Necessary for Employment. Your location will have a guideline as to the minimum requirements for entry into the field. The coursework you choose may meet that minimum requirement or it may give you a better understanding of your craft, which can also improve your resume for prospective employers.
  • Education to Improve Skillset. Your coursework should be more than just a way to enter the field. Think of each course as a way to improve your skillset and learn from seasoned professionals.
  • Education to Advance Career Growth. Adding more advanced coursework to your knowledge base can help you move to a higher position and even open your own business.
  • A Curriculum that Advances Personal and Professional Understanding. The most important goal of your coursework is to bring a higher understanding of the profession and the people we serve.

Mid-America College for Your Funeral Service Education

Mid-America College is located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and offers coursework in person and online. Here are just a few options in possible coursework:

Certificate in Death Companioning. The certificate program has been designed for professionals who are currently working full time. The course schedule allows them to prioritize their learning needs while maintaining personal and professional obligations. The CDC includes two courses: Death Companioning and Applied Death Companioning. This end of life support curriculum helps to highlight the newly emerging field of end of life support and can be an excellent course of study for anyone who wishes to build a career in this growing niche, or anyone who works closely with those in end of life care, such as funeral directors.

Funeral Director Certificate. The Funeral Director Certificate program provides a well-rounded education for those in the funeral science industry. It does not include embalming and the science courses necessary for the National Board Exam. In some states, the board exam is not a requirement to enter the field, such as Kentucky. In other states, this coursework provides an excellent framework for the industry, though you may need additional coursework as your career grows.

If you're interested in pursuing a career in the funeral services industry or would like to add to your current education, please feel free to contact us. We have on-campus and online options available to fit every skill and career level.

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