Why Online and Distance Learning Won't Slow You Down from Getting Your Degree

Pierce March 2020 Blog

Online and distance learning have been excellent options to pursue a degree for a long time. While in class sessions can be a wonderful experience, many people simply can't commit the time that it takes. Online sessions can be completed around your individual schedule so that the coursework won't interfere with work or life commitments.

At the time of the writing of this article, the world is currently effected by stay at home orders and, in some locations, quarantine efforts due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While this is a temporary situation, it does highlight the fact that online learning is less likely to be disrupted due to life circumstances. If you're currently interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree or any degree in the mortuary sciences, part or all of your requirements can be completed through online coursework.

Benefits to Getting Your Degree Online
Online coursework allows students to learn at their own pace and complete their requirements in less time than it might take them through in class sessions. Some students prefer both types of learning environments so that they can participate in a class and have one on one time with instructors, but can complete other classes when it suits them. There are many ways to complete a degree. Choosing the one that works best for your situation gives you the most advantage for success.

Here are a few benefits to completing classes online.

  • Complete Degree in Less Time. Often pursuing a degree online can mean that you'll be able to finish the coursework in less time. Online courses are more readily available and students don't run the risk of classes being canceled or unavailable. Online classes also allow students with a full-time job or other obligations to work around their schedule, which can increase their completion rate for the degree.
  • Work Full or Part-Time. Full-time college students often find it difficult to work full time. For many people, it's not an option to forego an income for the time it takes to complete a degree program. Online courses allow those already in the workforce to complete their degree for professional advancement.
  • Work in Your Field. Many online learners also have entry-level jobs in their field. Pursuing the degree online allows you to work regular hours while enhancing your education in the field.
  • Family Obligations. Online degrees are an ideal solution for those who have difficulty attending classes due to family obligations, such as caring for ailing parents or young children. This allows young parents and those in transitional periods of support to continue their education for a more successful career in the future.
  • Geography Is Not an Issue. An online course schedule is ideal for someone who's interested in coursework at a college that is far away from their home. This can allow you to complete coursework without moving to a new location, which can be especially important if you already have a job or other family obligations.

Mortuary and Funeral Science Degrees Online

If you're considering entering the funeral services field, it might surprise you to learn that there are online classes that can prepare you for a fulfilling career in the field. Gupton-Jones College, Dallas Institute, and Mid-America College all offer classes in person and online for a bachelor of science degree.

Students choose to take some or all of their courses online. With today's technology, the resources and lesson plans for online learning are exceptional. This means that your online course work will be just as beneficial for your career as any in person classwork. Many professionals also choose to update their skills with further education as new techniques and disciplines become available.

If you're considering mortuary sciences or are currently in the field and would like to add new knowledge to your skill base, please visit the campus websites to review current courses and learning opportunities.

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