Designer and Custom Caskets

Custom and Designer Caskets

Custom casket design has gained in popularity over recent years. And it's no longer only an option for the rich and famous. Rather than choosing a simple, traditional casket for burial, many people are finding that they'd like to choose a final resting place that better represents their life and personality.

Caskets today can be designed to the specification of the family members. In some cases, people who are planning ahead for their own funeral like to have some control over the way that the casket looks, down to the design of the fabric inside. You can choose a casket shaped in the traditional way, but with your own unique designs and colors. You might also choose a custom casket that's built to resemble something important to you. For instance, you might choose something that represents your favorite hobby, profession, or a literary reference.

A custom casket gives you and your family a way to personalize the experience for your wake and funeral, and your final resting place.

Custom caskets provide an excellent way for family members to honor the deceased person's memory throughout the wake and funeral. They are unique to the individual and brings their personality and style to their final goodbyes.

Students learn about burial vaults, as well. Caskets are not buried directly in the ground. A burial vault is chosen for its durability and design. The casket is then placed inside the vault and the vault is sealed before it's covered over by the soil of the burial plot. During graveside services, the last glimpse that mourners will see of their loved one is actually the burial vault, rather than the casket.

At Pierce Mortuary Colleges students learn about an array of burial vaults and customization services to make this last step of the burial process as unique to your loved one as the rest of the ceremony. Custom burial vaults are exceptionally touching for families who choose a graveside service. This allows family members one last look at an image that pays tribute to the loved one you're honoring.

Wilbert’s options in customized burial vaults include:

  • Appliques. A simple but poignant representation of something of great importance to the deceased is showcased on the burial vault in a flat applique.
  • Burial Vault Emblems. These emblems are made from copper, bronze, or stainless steel and can be tastefully added to the burial vault. Choices include representations of military service, religious symbols, and other personalized options.
  • Custom Prints. Family pictures can be chosen to create a collage that showcases the amazing life of the person being honored for a last graveside memory of that person during the high points of their life's journey.
  • Canvas Carapace. This unique option allows family and friends to write last messages and thoughts on the top of the burial vault. This is a thoughtful way to help mourners share their thoughts and grief during the graveside service.
  • Memorialization Plus Capsule. The capsule carries a personal messaged to the deceased and an identification scroll. It is specially stored within the burial vault.

At Pierce Mortuary Colleges, we pride ourselves in teaching the burial process as a unique experience that allows loved ones to honor their family and friends in a way that makes sense for them. 

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